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So, if you have seen any of my recent posts to Deviantart, you may have learned that I have recently launched my very own Patreon page!

I did this as a way to raise funds to support me as I make more comic books! 

I now have a few titles out. There's the first title that I launched back in 2011: Lou Scannon. This is now at the point where issue 8 is about to come out. Druid Investigations launched last year and I'm about to start on Issue 2 of that. Bruce Outback is a comic that I am a co-creator on but is put out by my good friend, Drivaaar (He's on here but I can't for the life of me remember how to tag him in a post here... It's been too long since I posted here regularly. Insanely busy)

I work in art full time now but the comics I do in what little spare time I have and that doesn't pay. So the Patreon is a way of helping me raise funds so that I can pick and choose more about what paying jobs I take that will allow me to spend more time working on comic books. If that makes sense?..

So Patreon has my new exclusive Webcomic "The Bunker: Tales of the Last Frontiersman" as well as a series of one page comic strips!
$1 gets you access to The Bunker
$3 gets you access to The Bunker, My one page comic strips AND my behind the scenes work. There are also some higher scoring tiers for anyone feeling so inclined. I've been shown a lot of great support already but have a look at my latest posts, if you get a kick out of what you see, please consider checking out my Patreon page at and if you like what you see, consider becoming a Patron! 
You can shoot me any questions you like there too! I check it daily :D

Those guys of you that have followed me for years and used to chat with me on here a lot- I dont get on here as much as I did (I think a layout change a few years back put me off for a loooong time and then I got way too busy) but if you would like to get in touch again, I would LOVE to hear from you. I'm on twitter AND instagram as baresark_Artist so come and find me!
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Yes, it's been nearly 2 years since I last updated my journal on here and probably nearly that long since I posted a picture, but there are reasons. 

I have now given up tattooing and am working as a full time freelance illustrator! I've been doing all sorts ranging from comic books to tv ad storyboards and the such. 

It hasn't left me with an abundance of free time for my own stuff, plus I don't really do much in the way of working for free anymore. Well, my time doesnt really allow for much in the way of drawing for pleasure anymore. 
Not a complaint! Merely an observation of my own situation.

Anyways, one of the main reasons for posting this update other than to let you know what I have been up to, is to inform you that I currently have a live KICKSTARTER project! You've seen my posts about my existing comic Lou Scannon, but not I'm currently working on a new comic called Druid Investigations. This is about Merlin in the modern day, battling monsters whilst trying to protect a rather unaware Insurance salesman who happens to stumble across the world of magic by chance!

I currently have around 3 weeks left on the project to achieve funding. I'm over half way but I need your help to reach the finish line!

Check out the link to my Kickstarter here:…

Watch the video and then give the page and rewards a read! If it seems like something you would like or something someone you know would like, then PLEASE, feel free to back the project and/or spread the word!

I have some great rewards on there and I would most certainly love you forever if you DID back me. Love you with ALL MY HEART! ;)

Thanks in advance guys! 

I genuinely hope life is treating you well. 
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Hi guys, I know it has been aaaaaages since I uploaded ANYTHING onto dA but I really don't have the time to upload anything anymore AND I'm past the point now where I do artwork for free... 
Im getting a lot more paid work and the work I do for myself, tends to be stuff that I end up doing as comics that I sell etc etc...
So you'll have to forgive me for the lack of updates.

I have recently opened up an Etsy store from an idea devised by a friend of mine and myself. We do Geek prints and have a couple of other artists working with us on the project too.

We call ourselves "The Pencil Pirates" and we have a store that you can check out at

So give us a look if you have five minutes and feel so inclined! :)

Much love.
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Hello everyone!

Seems I very rarely update here these days.
Turns out that working full time in art means that you don't get so much time to upload stuff you might doodle on to dA.
Plus side is though that I have come on leaps and bounds by working constantly in art.
In fact, looking at a lot of my older stuff on here kinda makes me cringe. Never delete though! If you don't know where you have come from, how can you know where you're going?

Anyway, the reason for this journal update is to alert you all to the upcoming Cardiff Comic Expo on March the 2nd and 3rd and the Mercure Hotel on Newport Road.

It promises to be a great event!

We will be launching issue 5 of our Eagle Award nominated comic "Lou Scannon" (Favourite British Black and White Comic 2012) there! So please, do come along and show us your support! We would be very grateful!

However, if you don't live near Cardiff and would like to find out more about the comic, then pay a visit to our website where you can purchase the comic or look to see if there is a store near you that stocks it!

Take it easy guys!

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I know it has been nearly a year since I last updated my journal guys but I need a HUGE favour from you!
You would really be helping a brother out!

I have submitted a t-shirt to Qwertee and they have approved the design!
Before they will put it into production, I need to get a lot of votes for it!

That's where you guys come in! Please take 2 minutes out of your day to go and vote for my design!
You won't regret it! If it goes in to production, you'll be able to pick it up for a really, really, really cheap price!

Click this link:…

And thank you!
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Hey guys,
               If you still pay attention to my blogs, you may have seen that they haven't really been updated much this year.
As my life stands right now, i'm too busy to invest anything more than upload time on dA these days. Running your own business and pencilling and producing your own comic book can do that to you I guess!

So if you ARE still interested in my happenings then I am pretty active on twitter as Baresark_Artist and can be found here:!/Baresark_Artist

Or if you prefer, i'm also on Facebook here:

and finally, ISSUE TWO of my creator owned comic book LOU SCANNON is now on sale and can be found here: for purchase!

I guarantee that if you take a chance on it, you wont regret it. It's hilarious and has a high quality finish!

Plus we've just published issue 2 as well so you can see we're serious about what we're doing!

Hope you're all well and i'll try to respond to any messages you might send me!

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Devious Journal Entry

Tue Jun 28, 2011, 4:50 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Hey guys, the new LOU SCANNON comic book by myself and :icondrivaaar: goes on sale this week!
It's an ongoing series that we're self publishing (Only for the moment hopefully) that is basically a Sc-Fi comedy!

Kris and I would really appreciate your support so if you could afford to buy a copy then that would be great! We also think you will find it amusing!

You can buy it online here or at various different places over the coming months - including but not exclusive to this years Auto Assembly!

Thanks to all you lovely people.


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Devious Journal Entry

Tue Mar 29, 2011, 9:12 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Hey guys, I know I've been quiet on here again but I have an absolute fuckload going on at the moment so I apologise for that.
Basically we're moving the location of our tattoo studio from Porth to Treforest and I turned 30. Woop.

I've taken up a challenge too. Gotta watch 250 Science Fiction films that I have never seen before within one year! I would appreciate you following me and commenting even if only to suggest films you think I might not have seen before. Clause is that it HAS to be classed as Sci-Fi by the IMDB though...

Follow me here:

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Indie Web Comics

Fri Feb 18, 2011, 9:42 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Hi guys!

After some considerable effort on my part I have revamped the group :iconindiewebcomics:
Since Dean :iconbellyfluff: gave up on it, it had kinda gotten into a bit of a disorganised state but thats changed.
I took all the main comic strips that are consistantly updated on there or are ongoing and gave them their own gallerys.

Now if you have a webcomic that you would like to get seen a little more then you can submit it to me by clicking the logo above and I'll get you in.
Please dont submit model/character sheets though as I will refuse them and that makes me feel guilty. I dont like feeling guilty.

Also if you dont have a webcomic you can still join as a watcher or member and read the webcomics that ARE updated there. Or maybe if you know someone who DOES have a webcomic you can suggest they submit to the group.

Hopefully it will just make more people aware of other web comics out there!

Cheers guys


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Long time no speak

Fri Jan 28, 2011, 5:28 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Hey guys I realise you havent had much in the way of action from me lately!
Been going through a bit of a hard patch in me life but I think I'm starting to come out of it now so I'll be adding more work soon hopefully!

I'll also be doing a new Retail strip. Only a 3 panel strip but its to get me back into the swing of things I think...

Thanks for sticking around


*EDIT I'm also on Twitter now too so if you are, gimme a follow! You can find me from the twitter feed I have on this homepage o'mine

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Mon Oct 25, 2010, 8:25 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Here are the two things that have cheered me up slightly and kept me going in recent weeks. Definately worth checking out: for the worlds Ugliest Tattoos :lol:

and… for the Lonely Island doing the best EVER rap song.


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New Update soon.

Mon Oct 18, 2010, 4:27 PM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Will keep you posted. Might have news soon...

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Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Also for you guys who are based in London, if you want a tattoo check out the shop the missus works at here:

Well yes it's been a while between journal entries but for the first time in Zeus knows how long, I'm actually doing something I enjoy for a living and not looking for any old excuse to distract me from my work!

My Apprenticing seems to be going pretty well now too. I'm learning more about cross contamination and how different colours take longer to heal etc etc. All good art related stuff.

I've also started my own blog as well where I rant about any old shit that has or hasn't been pissing me off, depending on how my mood takes me... If you want to read it and comment on it, feel free to do so here:

By the way, if you're not already watching it all I can say is - Sons of Anarchy: Get involved. You wont regret it.

Oh and I've bought myself a motorcycle! A 125cc chopper and seriously, it's the most fucking fun I've had with my pants on in quite a while.

Much love to you all.

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Studio has website

Tue Jul 13, 2010, 7:33 AM
Check out Distinctive Tattoo Studio here!:…

Also for you guys who are based in London, if you want a tattoo check out the shop the missus works at here:

Hey guys!

         How are y'all doing?
I do realise that I havent been on here or uploaded anything much lately and for any of you who faved my work and didnt have a reply: THANK YOU! I just had so many in my down time that it would take a lifetime to reply to them all but I really, honestly do appreciate it.

The reason I have been so inactive on here lately is down to a few things. Basically I'm apprenticing full time now and it leaves little time for me to draw nontattoo related stuff and I dont want to upload the tattoo related stuff in the hopes of either tattooing the designs myself or selling them on at some point. Plus we've only just got the internet at the shop and I'm currently in the process of acquiring us a printer and scanner for the shop to!

Also I have been away to Download Festival again! (Those of you who have followed me for a while will know I went last year as well) There were bands such as Aerosmith, Deftones, Rage Against the Machine and AC/DC playing and I went up on the Wednesday came back on the Monday. It was a jolly good ol' time!

Whilst at the festival (The Friday night to be specific) I actually proposed to my girlfriend :icongothchild10: who was so out of her mind that she actually said yes!

aaaaaand since then it's been a case of me splitting my time between being home in Beddau, then hanging with friends in Cardiff, working in Porth and visiting my fiance in London!

So as you can tell I've had a fair bit of shizzle cooking on the hob!

I'll try and upload some more stuff soon though, just dont send the boys around to do me legs in... At least, not yet.

On completely unrelated news, if any of you guys out there are fans of the "Monkey Island" series of games, you might be interested to know that the Special Editions of the first 2 games are available to purchase for download for your PS3 from the PS online store. Only £7.99 and well worth the money! I bought both as they remind me of when I played them as a kid only now with better graphics and voice acting!
Also available is the brand new Monkey Island game "Tales of Monkey Island" which is done in 5 episodes but is worth downloading as a whole instead of as 5 seperate entitys.

Anyhoo thats my sales pitch over, I'm a little Monkey Island obsessed at the moment and think everyone should have a copy of the game :lmao:

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Tue May 4, 2010, 12:32 PM
A new Comic Strip group for you to check out!

Hi guys,

       As some of you may or may not have seen, I am a co-founder of the aforementioned group.
Basically its been set up to help those of us here on dA with our own webstrips get them seen by (hopefully) more folk.
There are some really good artists and strips on there so please, if you like my Retail strip particularly, go put a watch on this group here:

I particularly recommend the Bump on a Log strip. It's pretty brilliant.


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So we got a new Retail up and running but with a very different style to the previous strips. I like it but what do you guys think?

It takes a little bit longer to do the strips this way but I think its good to see how much work actually goes into one of the strips without the coldness sterility of a computer taking away a big chunk of the details...

Just got back from my best mates wedding! He got married in a castle the lucky bastard! His fiance (now wife) is also an old friend of mine from my college days. Hell thats how they met. It took him 10 YEARS to propose! Nuts! But there was no way either of them could ever have been with anyone else so I guess... What does it matter?

In other news, My girlfriend has just gone out and forked a shitload of money on a weekend ticket to Download for me! Get in! This year the lineup includes bands such as: Rage Against The Machine, Aerosmith, AC DC, Deftones, 36 Crazyfists, Flyleaf, Zebrahead, Senser, Nonpoint, Megadeth, Bullet for my Valentine and more! Check it out here:…
So hopefully the weather will keep up and I'll rock out with my cock out! Hell yeah!

Til next time, Big up yo selves!

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Oh Brave New World

Thu Apr 1, 2010, 1:27 PM

Hey guys!
        Ok, it's been a while since my last update, so here's whats been happening in my life lately!:

I turned 29 on the 12th of March! Had a jolly good evening with many of my good friends! Still got my hair to so hopefully still gonna have it for 30 next year!
Props to my awesome girlfriend :icongothchild10: who made sure I had an awesome time! She got me AVP for my PS3, a "Thundercats in your pocket" (sweet), a tattoo machine (Which is amazing!), a picture of the two of us from our first date and AVP2 on Blueray! Note that AVP2 is leaps and bounds better than the first one even if it IS lacking Lance Henriksen (I'm a big Bishop fan).

The day before my birthday I did my first tattoo! My friend was willing to sacrifice his leg on the altar of my experimentation and you know what? Not meaning to blow my own trumpet but it was really really good! He was happy with it and I was very happy with it because my linework really came together quite naturally! Those of you on my Facebook list have probably already seen it but if you're not on my FB list then let me know if you would like to see it or just add me on FB! I did the tattoo with the machine I was given for my birthday off aforementioned Girlfriend.

Last Saturday I handed in my 2 week notice at the job I have been in for the last 4 and a half years! I'm sooooo frakking happy to be leaving as I really have developed a hatred for selling insurance! I have a week left and then I'm free! I'll then officially be going it alone as a freelance illustrator and will at the same time continue my apprenticeship as a tattooist! Hopefully now that I have some motivation and wont be in a soul destroying job I can make something of my art!

I think thats pretty much it for me right now?..

Here are a couple of things that have as of late, really been getting on my tits:
The Twilight Saga (I watched the first film. It was two hours of NOTHING HAPPENING! A vampire film without real vampires.)
Lady Gaga (I mean, WHAT IS SHE? Really?!)
Politicians (Election time soon)
The Halifax banking adverts
The Black dude who sings before and after any comedy programs on E4. HE SUCKS!

Any Questions?

:iconkincat: :iconrockyfans: :iconlokiclub:
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Retail Related

Tue Jan 19, 2010, 9:19 AM
More "RETAIL:" on the way

Competition time maybe?

Would anyone be interested in maybe a "Retail" themed compo?
I was thinking something alond the line of a one panel scene with the 3 main guys Harry, Wilson and Evo and something bizarre or hilarious going on with them centered in or around (in?) a freaky customer...

Maybe if I ran something like that and enough people were interested the prize could be something like original Retail artwork or the winner being featured in a couple of strips or something?

What do you guys think anyway? Please let me know and maybe we can arrange some fun sheet yo!

Maybe a 3 month subscription as a prize or something?..

:iconkincat: :iconrockyfans: :iconlokiclub:
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New Art

Sun Jan 17, 2010, 10:22 AM
More "RETAIL:" on the way

Hey guys, day off work today and bogged down with a cold has prevented me from leaving the house today.

This caused me to think up a new Retail strip for you guys who have stuck with me which I uploaded today so I hope you like it!

Other news, the Snow here has melted into nothingness now. Didnt think 10 inches could melt so quick but the absolute torrent of rain we've had the last 3 days helped I have no doubt.

I spent the the weekend last week visiting my girlfriend :icongothchild10: in LAAAAAAHNDAAAHN
and had a jolly good time! I also intend to upload the painting I did for her for Christmas and when I do I shall give you the full reasoning behind the picture :lol:

I should hopefully be having another tattooing lesson or two this week fingers crossed...

Other than that, it's all the same shit in the world of insurance sales...

How is everyone else?

:iconkincat: :iconrockyfans: :iconlokiclub:
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Tue Jan 12, 2010, 1:45 PM
The British Big Freeze!

It's been insane here over the last week or so Snow wise. Probably the worst snow since the early 80's and it hit us hard today.

I caught a bus at 18:10 which should have got me home 45 minutes later but due to the snow It took 3 HOURS!

It's amazing how Britain is SO poorly equipped to deal with the snow. The second the white stuff starts falling the entire country falls apart...

Anyhoo I have put up some new art so hope you guys like it! If I cant get to work tomorrow I'm gonna do a new Retail strip (Finally)

How has your weather and Crimbo/New Year been?


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